Ferrum City $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Angry Fried Banana -100ml

A complex creation of fried bananas, cooked in butterscotch, and drizzled with caramel.

Angry Graham Bear -100ml

A tasteful mixture of smooth, white vanilla cream, sandwiched between crunchy, scrumptious graham cracker bears.

Poured -100ml

A sweet funnel cake topped with decadent vanilla whipped cream, and sprinkled with cinnamon, and sugar!

Smelted -100ml

A delicious vanilla ice cream cone drizzled with melted caramel and topped with pecan pralines.


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Cuttwood Unicorn Milk -60ml

The legendary flavor that presents a perfect blend of natural strawberry extract and four unique fresh creams.

Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle -60ml

A bakery cinnamon with sweet, milky cream, to create a very all-day-vapable e-juice.

SMAX $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Smax She's a Dime - 100ml

A dreamy lime cake pop drizzled in a creamy lemon sauce!

Smax Mafia Princess - 100ml

An Italian cake drenched in espresso, layered with intensely whipped love!


Smax Sammie Puffs - 100ml

Golden graham crackers squished in chocolate kisses and fluffy marshmallow clouds!


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Prophet Strawberry Cupcake - 60ml

A moist and savory vanilla cupcake topped with sweet strawberry frosting.

Prophet Smore's - 60ml

A creamy chocolate s'mores milkshake loaded with marshmallow & graham cracker.


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Sadboy Shamrock Cookie - 100ml

The traditional Sadboy dessert pastry cookie blended with a minty green creamy shake.

SadBoy Pumpkin Cookie - 100ml

Fresh-out-the-oven, pumpkin pie with a touch of cinnamon spice

FRYD $20

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

FRYD Cookies & Cream – 60ml

Deep fried cookies and cream treats with rich chocolate and sweet filling.


FRYD Banana – 60ml

Bananas dipped in cake batter, and fried golden brown

FRYD Ice Cream - 60ml

A smooth dipped fried ice cream e juice flavor on the inhale than creamy notes of vanilla bean ice cream

FRYD Cream Cake - 60ml

Battered yellow cakes filled with cream and then fried

FRYD Funnel Cake -60ml

A delicious deep-fried batter topped with a thin layer of powdered sugar that melts in your mouth.

Prohibition $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg 

Ridin Shotgun - 100ml

a fresh bowl of homemade creamy vanilla pudding and loads it full of your favorite golden creme cookies, resulting in a smooth and creamy comfort vape.

Speakeasy - 100ml

personifies a sweet root beer in a frosted glass mug with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The Custard Shoppe $30

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg 

Butterscotch - 100ml 

decadent butterscotch pie, bested with whipped cream and a caramel coating when you vape Butterscotch. 

Brewed Awakening $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Apple Cider - 100ml

Crisp apple cider sweetened with a drizzle of caramel and a dusting of warm cinnamon for a delectable vape you'll crave all day

Jimmy Juiceman $30

French Raspberry - 120ml

Combines cream and raspberries with the perfect level of French vanilla to provide an experience unrivaled by many other ejuices

Silverback $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Rocky - 60ml

A delicious banana oatmeal cookie enhanced with a decadent blend of strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream

Big F'n Deal $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

CRSP - 120ml

Crispy marshmallow treats made with fruity cereal

So Good Vapor $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Sweet Cakes - 60ml

Cupcakes with a sweet and creamy strawberry and blueberry frosting



Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Twisted Tongue Cinnamon Roll - 100ml

A fresh from the oven gourmet glazed cinnamon roll.


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg


Cookie Twist Frosted Sugar Cookie – 60ml

Vanilla frosted sugar cookie

Cookie Twist Banana Oatmeal Cookie – 60ml

The perfect blend of creamy bananas and mouthwatering oatmeal cookies

Cookie Twist Strawberry Honey Graham - 60ml

A trifecta of honey-touched graham crackers covered in a thick spreadable strawberry jam topped with a sticky drizzle of honey


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Omari Ali's Custard - 60ml

A sweet vanilla custard married with a rich and creamy pistachio


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Puff Labs Pink and Whites - 100ml

Fresh cookie drenched in sprinkles and covered in a delicious pink and white frosting


Puff Labs Pinks - 100ml

Strawberries blended into a sweet pool of sweet whipped vanilla frosting

Puff Labs Pink and Blues - 100ml 

 Hand spun blue raspberry cotton candy.


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg - 12mg - 18mg

Cyclops Gryphon - 60ml

Blueberry Danish

GLAS $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Glas Sugar Cookie - 60ml

Freshly baked cinnamon sweet, sugar cookie

Glas Blueberry Cake - 60ml

Buttery cream, blueberry cake

Glas Butterscotch Reserve - 60ml

This bold tobacco has been expertly crafted with the creaminess of butterscotch and a touch of delightful caramel for a truly rich vaping experience

Glas Banana Cream Pie - 60ml

A delightful blend of caramelized banana and velvety vanilla custard all nestled in a buttery pie crust


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Holy Cannoli Pebbled Cannoli - 100ml

A perfectly made, cream filled cannoli is stuffed and topped with handfuls of fruity pebbled cereal

Holy Cannoli French Toast - 100ml

Golden slice of warm french toast, drizzled with rich maple syrup and a creamy slice of butter melted over top

Holy Cannoli Strawberry Cream Cannoli - 100ml

Sweet blend of creamy strawberry filling stuffed into a delicious cannoli and topped with confectioner's sugar

Holy Cannoli Blueberry Strudel - 100ml

A smooth and creamy blend of fruity blueberry jam, stuffed into a warm, golden strudel


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Apple - 100ml

delicious breakfast experience with the flavor of homemade apple jam smothered onto a piece of warm and buttered toast.

Blackberry - 100ml

Blackberry Jam blended with creamy butter and toast.

Grape - 100ml

a buttered piece of toast that is then smothered with sweet and freshly-made grape jam. 

Blueberry - 100ml

savory sweet blueberry Jam blended with creamy butter and toast.

Strawberry - 100ml

savory sweet strawberry Jam blended with creamy butter and toast.

PB and Jam Grape - 100ml

blends bold grape jam with rich and creamy peanut for the ultimate vaping experience you've been waiting for.


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart - 60ml

Sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg 


The One - Strawberry - 100ml

Strawberry frosted donut, topped with fruity pebbles and dunked in milk

The One - Blueberry - 100ml

Blueberry frosted donut, topped with fruity pebbles and dunked in milk

The One - Apple - 100ml

Freshly-baked apple cinnamon donut dunked in a cold glass of milk

The One Marshmallow Milk 100ml

A mixture of sweet marshmallow and bakery cinnamon sure to satisfy your ‘mallow cravings.

The One Vanilla Custard Donut -100ml

A custard-filled donut with a sprinkle of cinnamon into ONE delectable ejuice.

Microbrew $25 

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Grumpy Old Bastard 100ml

 butterscotch and cream just left your mouth, leaving behind this tasty goodness only describable as amazing.

Keep it 100

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Birthday shake - 100ml

A mouthwatering combination of freshly baked, fluffy birthday cake and a rich vanilla creme.

Apple cider Donut - 100ml

freshly picked apples and stirs them in a pot with just a hint of sugar and spice. Then, once done, that cider gets mixed with a freshly baked donut to create the ultimate Fall delight.