Salt Nicotine


Available in 24mg & 48mg

White Peach Raspberry

A juicy white peach and raspberry, well crafted into a juicy eliquid base.

Cherry Lime Ginger

Featuring a uniquely blended fruit mix of cherries and limes, with a nice hint of ginger which really rounds out the flavor and tantalizes the taste buds!

Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin

A refreshing cactus flavor with ripe jack-fruit finished off with juicy mandarin oranges.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine

Fresh kiwi blended with savory passion fruit and delicious nectarine.

GLAS Basix

Available in 30mg & 50mg

Fizzy Lemonade

Lemon/lime soda & pineapple, with an icy finish


Available in 24mg & 48mg

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon

The perfect combination of juicy Blueberries, ripe Raspberries, and a squeeze of Lemon.

Mango Peach Guava

A delicious blend of ripe Mangoes, juicy Peaches, and sweet Guava.


Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate

A mouth-puckering blend of freshly picked Strawberries, refreshing Kiwis, and sweet Pomegranates.

Mixed Berry

A delectable berry delight perfectly blending strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.


Available in 25mg & 50mg

Spearmint Gum

A sweet and minty treat for anyone who loves to chew gooey gum .


Available in 24mg & 48mg

Jam Monster PB & Jam Grape

Peanut butter and grape jelly

PB & Jam Strawberry

Peanut butter and strawberry jelly


a blueberry toasted jam flavored juice that is sure to satisfy your cravings and boost your taste buds into vaping heaven. Ripe blueberries right from nature are painstakingly turned into a delicious, sweet, flavorful preserve


Available in 35mg & 50mg



An incredible tangerine inspired nic salt flavor.

Tangerine Ice

An incredible tangerine flavor with menthol

Lemon Mint

A balanced blend of zesty lemons and soul-invigorating mint

Lemon Mint Ice

Zesty lemons and mint with a icy cool finish


Available in 24mg & 50mg



The classic sweet and tangy taste of purple pixy candy sticks.


Available in 30mg & 50mg



Refreshing sweet mint

Peppermint Patty

Chocolate, with a cool exhale


Peach ring candy

Strawberry Hard Candy

Strawberry candy

Solace Butterscotch

Creamy butterscotch

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean Icecream

Solace Latte

Latte is just like your morning cup of coffee with a blend of sweetness and cream.


Available in 25mg & 45mg

Orange Cream

Succulent tangerine and blood orange mixed with sweet fresh cream.

Cool Mango

A perfectly balanced blend of mango and menthol.

Sea Salt Blueberry

This vape juice will saturate your tongue in salt water taffy and tart blueberry flavors, refreshing your mind and thoughts.


Available in 24mg & 48mg

 Killer Kustard

vanilla and custard notes emerge while making smooth vapor. The search for the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

One Up $18

Available in 25mg & 50mg


Watermelon and guava together with our secret blend of tropical fruits.

Brewed Awakening 

Available in 35mg & 50mg 

Pumpkin Spice

 a bold coffee vape eliquid with a caramel blast followed by hazelnut, cream undertones and don't forget that kick of pumpkin spice.

Keep it 100 

Available in 40mg


Get ready for a blast of pure coolness that’ll have your mouth in its own winter wonderland with Mint

Coastal Clouds 

Available in 35mg & 50mg


Mint is a burst of cool refreshing mint on a sea of nicotine salt, washing over the taste buds with an invigorating breath of minty goodness. 


Available in 24mg & 48mg

Cherry Fizzle

F richly deep cherry with sweet, sour and fizzy notes.

Sub Lime 

consists of subversive flavours of sweet, acidic lime and lemon that will mess with your senses and leave a sour aftertaste


Available in 35mg & 48mg

Pee Wee Kiwi

A elegant twist of kiwi with a couple slices of watermelon and apple with a pinch of citrus to finish it off! 

Donkey Khan

A beautiful blend of strawberry banana with a nice splash of dragon fruit

Smash Mouth

A refreshing strawberry, graham cracker and custard mash up

Air Factory 

Available in 35mg & 50mg 


This delicious blend of berries and fruits create a complex fruity flavor that'll keep you guessing each and every time you vape. The creamy taffy flavor notes add smoothness for a deeply satisfying and well rounded vaping experience.



Available in 35mg & 50mg


Polar Breeze

Sweet honeydew melons, cantaloupe and slices of tangy pineapple with a splash of ice cool menthol.

Arctic Air

Mint leaves with frozen menthol

Really Berry

Blueberries and blackberries topped with lemon

Brain Freeze

Strawberry kiwi with a touch of pomegranate and icey cool menthol

Lava Flow

Fresh strawberries, coconut and pineapple

Amazing Mango

A prominent juicy Mango flavor that's heavily accented by deliciously Peaches and infused with a delicious and savory Cream.

Maui Sun

Juicy Pineapple with Ripe Oranges and Tangerine

Puff Labs 

Available in 24mg & 50mg

Pink and Whites

Pink frosted animal cookie

Pink and Blues

Tasty cotton candy treat!


Available in 25mg & 50mg

Blue Razz Lemonade

Blue raspberry lemonade, perfect for summer

Blue Razz Lemonade Ice

Blue raspberry lemonade, perfect for summer now with menthol!

Fruit Punch

Remember drinking this as a kid? This is that, but for adults. A combination of your favorite fruits.

Red Mango

Ripe mango 


Red Mango Ice

Icy Ripe mango 

Fresh Pineapple

Pineapple has always been a hard flavor to get right, but this stuff is the real deal.

Georgia Peach

A refreshingly accurate fresh peach flavor.

HoneyDew Ice

Honeydew, with a cool refreshing exhale

Strawberry Kiwi

Fresh strawberries & kiwis, blended to perfection

Juicy Watermelon

Refreshing watermelon 


Juicy Watermelon Ice

Refreshing  Icy watermelon 

Green Apple ICE

Chilled green apple

Caramel Tobacco

RY4 in salt form! Creamy Caramel & Tobacco

Carrot Cake

Fresh spice cake we all know topped with decadent cream cheese frosting.

Oatmeal Cream Cookie

Two gooey oatmeal cookies stuffed with soft marshmallow cream.

Strawberry Acai

This is sunshine shaken in a bottle. Sweet, crisp, tangy, and bursting with strawberry and acai flavors.

Iced Wintergreen 

fresh, clean, minty taste of wintergreen, topped off with a hint of menthol. This pure, crisp, and minty burst


Available in 25mg & 50mg

Blue Raspberry

Blue raspberry Taffy


Strawberry Taffy

Watermelon Punch

Watermelon Taffy

Red Razz

A delicious Red Raspberry, succulent and deliciously tangy.

Blue Raspberry ICE

Blue raspberry Taffy with menthol

Strawberry ICE

Strawberry Taffy with menthol

Watermelon Punch ICE

Watermelon Taffy with menthol

Grape ICE

Grape Taffy with menthol

Wild Berry ICE

Mixed wild berry Taffy with menthol


Available in 25mg & 50mg

Peach Pear

Rich and succulent peach essence expertly mixed with a crunchy sweet pear

Blueberry Lemon

A tantalizing blend of fresh juicy blueberries combined with ripe lemons.

Strawberry Kiwi

Sun-ripened strawberries and tart kiwis with a creamy touch at the end

Pineapple Grapefruit

A tasty combination of delicious citrus fruits, combining sweetened sliced pineapples infused with a splash of grapefruit.

Watermelon Lime

Watermelons and sour limes for an explosion of flavor that will rock the senses

Cloud Nurdz 

Available in 25mg & 50mg 

Watermelon Apple

Juicy Watermelon and Sour Apple candy that will leave you craving more.  

Blue raspberry Peach

Juicy peach meets popping’ blue Razz to deliver perfect, tart satisfaction.

Kiwi Melon

A refreshing blend of sweet kiwi and juicy melon that’s truly out of this world!

Strawberry Lemon

summertime strawberries and a strong lemon overtone to tie the carefully balanced


Available in 25mg & 50mg


This juice is that it evolves with each puff, producing a different fruity profile depending on the specifications of your device as well as coil resistance. If you have been looking for a refreshingly fruity e-liquid that’s sweet but not too overbearing

Betty Chill

 If you have been looking for a refreshingly fruity e-liquid that’s sweet but not too overbearing with the cooling menthol

Mr Freeze 

Available in 30mg & 50mg

Menthol Tobacco 

Enjoy a rich menthol and a tobacco blend of soft and rich tobacco flavor.

Juice Mans 

Available in 35mg & 50mg

Unicorn Frappe

A combination of whipped creams, cotton candy, with a fruity base of raspberry and mango to keep your mouth watering. Carnival meets the tropics, meets creams in an experience you won't soon forget. 

Mr Salt E 

Available in 25mg & 45mg

Peanut butter Cookie

a decadent and freshly baked treat. Munch on a wonderfully soft peanut butter cookie, dusted with pure cane sugar and bursting with freshly churned peanut butter and crunchy peanuts in every bite!

Strawmelon Taffy

will bring you right back to the candy store with its sweet fruity taste. This delicious flavor twists strawberry and watermelon for a sweet experience like no other

Strawberry Funnel Cake

a delicious blend of sugary funnel cake and fresh, juicy strawberries. 


Available in 25mg & 50mg

Apple Tobacco

A tasty recreation of freshly picked apples paired with a generous helping of harvested tobacco

Strawberry Watermelon

Notes of freshly sliced strawberries combined with the juicy overtones of ripened watermelons


Crisp Fuji apples and reduces them to a vapable elixir, adding in notes of fragrant strawberries and juicy nectarines

Icey Mango

Nectar extracted from the finest mangoes picked at the pinnacle of ripeness


A generous scoop of icy Italian ice sorbet, combining elegant notes of zesty raspberries paired with mouth-puckering lemonade.


Available in 24mg & 50mg



Tastes exactly like your favorite purple bubblegum - packed with sweet grape flavor.

Bubble Apple

A perfectly balanced, sweet and sour apple bubblegum e-liquid.

Bubble Strawberry

Sweet, juicy strawberry bubblegum perfectly captured in e-liquid form!



Available in 35mg & 50mg


Peach, cantaloupe and papaya


Strawberry, apple and watermelon


Timeless Tastiness. Strawberry Milk


Sweet Cereal Milk



A sweet creamy vanilla graham custard.


Creamy Lemon Bars


An electrifyingly candied blue raspberry


watermelon candy blending together aromatic notes of candied watermelons


Available in 30mg & 50mg

Lemon Tart

Sugared slices of zesty lemon stuffed in warm flaky pie crust


Available in 30mg & 50mg


Apple Iced

Fresh Apple Juice with Menthol



Fresh Mango

Mango Iced

Fresh Mango with Menthol

Reds Apple

a blend of refreshingly crisp apples reduced to a sweet nectar


Available in 35mg & 50mg


Red fish gummies


Fresh lemon and lime with the tartness of blue raspberries, oranges, and sweet cherries.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum


Tantalizingly sour gummy candy

Pink Squares

Fresh strawberry candy bursting with flavor


Available in 30mg & 50mg

Salted Caramel Macchiato

Sweet Salted Caramel Macchiato Coffee

Maple Bar Donut

A fresh and yummy eliquid brimming with freshly tapped maple syrup and freshly boiled donuts!


Available in 25mg & 50mg


Crack Pie

Creamy Caramel Pie

Raging Donut

Strawberry glazed donut with fruity pebbles topping


Available in 35mg & 50mg


A bowl of crunchy pebbled cereal stuffed inside a sweet cannoli shell


Available in 35mg $ 50mg

Honeydew Melon Chew

A Honeydew fruit chew

Pink Punch Lemonade

Pink Lemonade

Iced Pink Punch Lemonade

Pink Lemonade with a Chilly Finish

Strawberry Crush Ice

Strawberry lemonade on ice

Watermelon Madness

The pure taste of refreshingly juicy watermelon.


Available in 25mg & 50mg


Sweet Cuban tobacco blend fused with creamy vanilla

The Finest 

Available in 30mg & 50mg

Cool Mint

Combines notes of heavily cooled mint to create a deliciously fragrant uplifting eJuice that will capture and chill the senses in an Arctic breeze.

Banana Honey

Blend between sweet honey touched milk paired with roasted and chopped banana nuts topped with a dollop of heavy whipping cream


Available in 28mg & 48mg

Orphans Blood

capturing random notes of mixed fruits, to create a delicious fruity blend that will amaze the taste buds and senses

Kilo Series 

Available in 30mg & 50mg

Banana Ice

There really is nothing quite like the dreamy taste of sweet, rich n’ oh-so creamy bananas, with that refreshingly invigorating menthol

Smooth Tobacco

Once you inhale, instantly get treated to a nutty, robust, and smoky taste that makes you feel like you’re puffing on an analog. Then, richness and smoothness start to become more apparent. A nice touch of sweetness ties everything together beautifully on the exhale.


At first, the bright, sharp notes of the berry titillate you with tang and tartness, which quickly make way for a ridiculously smooth flavor that makes the mouth water.

Freebase Juice

Heading 2