Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg - 6mg - 12mg

Charlie Noble Tripoli - 60ml

Complex blend of aged Turkish tobaccos, ripe figs, shaved almonds, and a blend of exotic spices

Charlie Noble Soller's Pointe - 60ml

Banana, vanilla, caramel, and a hint of tobacco.


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Omari Desert Knight - 60ml

A sweet vanilla tobacco married with a rich and creamy pistachio

VGOD $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg


VGOD Cubano -60ml

Rich creamy vanilla and smooth smoky tobacco notes of cuban cigars


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg - 12mg

TNT Bold Cuban Tobacco - 60ml

A rich, bold blend of Cuban and Turkish tobaccos with dark, nutty tones and a slightly sweet finish.

TNT The Next Tobacco - 60ml

 Blonde Virginia Cured Tobacco leaf with a touch of maple sweetness