Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Watermelon Lime - 100ml

Puff on sweet summer melons and tart zesty limes with a icy finish.

Strawberry Kiwi - 100ml

Munch on ripe summer strawberries paired with exotic sweet kiwis, and menthol.

Peach Pear - 100ml

Huge Georgia peaches and soft summer pears dance a tango of flavor with menthol.

Blueberry Lemon - 100ml

The bright taste of lemons, blueberries and menthol.

Pineapple Grapefruit - 100ml

The refreshing taste of succulent golden Pineapples with a sweet splash of tarty Grapefruit and menthol.


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Apple Pearadise Ice -60ml

The finest medley of crisp apple, sweet pear, and icy menthol.

Berry Blast Ice -60ml

Fragrant mixed berries touched with an uplifting blast of menthol .

Mango Berry Ice -60ml

Tropical mangoes blended with mixed berries touched with a hint of menthol.

Cool Mint -60ml

A straightforward mint flavor, finely balanced and carefully crafted for a smooth relaxing taste of spearmint.


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Island Man Ice - 100ml

Ripe kiwi, sweet strawberries, juicy watermelon, and tangy pineapple with menthol

JUICE ROLL UPZ $20 (2 for $30)

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Blue Raspberry Ice - 60ml

Blue Raspberry candy with menthol

Grape Ice - 60ml

Grape candy with menthol

Strawberry Ice - 60ml

Strawberry candy with menthol

Watermelon Ice - 60ml

Watermelon candy with menthol

Green Apple Ice - 60ml

Green Apple Taffy with menthol

Red Razz Ice -60ml

A delicious Red Raspberry, succulent and deliciously tangy with menthol

Wild Berry Ice- 60ml

Mixed Berry Taffy with menthol

Excision $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Paradox on the Rocks - 60ml

A pitch black dew with a twist of bold citrus, grape, dark fruits and iced over with a refreshing cool menthol.

One Up $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Orgasm Ice - 60ml

Watermelon and guava blend together with a secret blend of tropical fruits and Ice

TWIST Liquids $20 (2 for $30)

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Pink 0 degrees- 60ml

Formerly Iced Pink Punch

Pink punch lemonade, with a refreshing menthol finish

Chilled Remix - 60ml

Formerly Chilled Melon Remix

Fresh chilled melon with a blast of icy menthol

Frozen Fruit Monster  $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Banana Ice-100ml

Creamy ripe bananas with an icy menthol finish.

Mango Peach Guava Ice-100ml

blend of tropical mangoes, sweet peaches, and luscious guavas touched by a hint of menthol.

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon Ice-100ml

Sweet blueberries, tangy raspberries, and zesty lemons presented over ice.

REDS $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg-12mg

Apple ICE- 60ml

Fresh apple juice with menthol

Berries Ice - 60ml

Red apple juice, infused with a trifecta of blueberry,

raspberry, pomegranate and a menthol finish

Grape ICE- 60ml

Sink your teeth into crisp juicy flavor, with the freshness

of an Italian vineyard grapes cluster with menthol.

Mango ICE- 60ml

A blend of juicy exotic mangoes reduced down to a

tasty vapable elixir with menthol.

Strawberry Ice -60ml

Original Reds Apple ICED paired with the sweetest




Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg - 12mg

The Berg Menthol- 75ml

Spot on blue slushie with icey cool menthol. Known

worldwide for its unique one-of-a-kind flavor.


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Frozen Hulk Tears - 60ml

A sour watermelon apple candy infused berries all

backed by frozen cooling sensation

Super Mint - 60ml

 A superior blend of cold icy spearmint infused with

refreshing menthol.


Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Mangerine Guava - 100ml

Mango, Tangerine & Guava and Menthol

Melon Colada - 100ml

Melons, Pineapples, Coconut Creams and Menthol

Strawmelon Apple - 100ml

You'll feel like you're on a tropical beach as hints of

strawberry, watermelon, apple, and mint flavors take

turns exciting your taste buds.

NAKED100 $25

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Apple - 60ml

Formerly Apple Cooler. A delicious blend of apples,

watermelons, and grapes with an icy chill of menthol. 

Melon - 60ml

Formerly Polar Breeze. A unique melon blend of juicy

golden pineapples, refreshing honeydew melon, sweet

cantaloupe and a hint an icy menthol.

Strawberry Pom - 60ml

Formerly Brain Freeze. The

cool indulgence of a menthol-infused with a sweet

fruit medley. Fresh off the vine strawberries, tart kiwis,

and luscious pomegranate backed by a light menthol

kick make this well-rounded flavor.

Berry - 60ml

Formerly Very Cool. The third flavor release of blueberries,

tangy raspberries, sweet blackberries, and cooling menthol. 

Crisp Menthol - 60ml

Refreshingly cool, clean tasting menthol

Fruitia $20 (2 for $30)

Available in 0mg - 3mg - 6mg

Blood Orange Cactus Cooler -60ml

A juicy citrus flavor of sweet blood oranges and tangerine mixed with a tart burst of cactus fruit.

Pineapple Citrus Twist -60ml

Sweet and slightly tart pineapple, sultry mangos, and a juicy blend of citrus fruits are twisted into tropical fruit perfection.


Strawberry Coconut Refresher -60ml

Juicy strawberries are perfectly balanced with creamy, sweet coconut.

Apple Kiwi Crush -60ml

 A refreshing blend of freshly picked apples with sweet and tangy tropical kiwi.

Passionfruit Guava Punch -60ml

 A fresh homemade fruit punch chock-full of passion fruit, guava, and papaya.